There are a total 2 main types of Battle Pass:-

1) Free Battle Pass
2) Paid Battle Pass 

There are a total of 50 Battle Pass Ranks. User can also RankUp his/her Battle Pass above Rank 50 so that they can compete on the Battle Pass leaderboard.

Battle Pass Season 1 Leaderboard rewards as per Leaderboard ranking: (Battle Pass leaderboard ranking is calculated on the basis of Battle Points earned)

Top 1 -10 :- 10000 shards
Top 11-100 :- 5000 shards

User can RankUp their Battle Pass by completing challenges and collecting their rewards. Rewards earned by completing Battle Pass challenges are known as "Battle Points". These "Battle Points" are needed to RankUp your Battle Pass.

Sources of Earning Battle Points to RankUp Battle Pass:-

1) By Completing and Collecting Daily and Major Challenges reward.
2) By winning/completing a match in TDM, DM and Bomb Defusal.
For a Winning a match: 100 Battle Points are rewarded.
For Losing/Completing a match : 50 Battle Points are rewarded.
3) Purchasing Ranks directly. By purchasing Ranks directly with diamonds user can RankUp his Battle Pass. Cost of buying one Rank is 60 diamonds.

Free Battle Pass:-
Free Battle Pass can be used by all the players. For this players do not need to be purchase the Battle Pass. When a player is a Free Battle Pass player he/she can only Free Battle Pass Rewards by completing Free Battle Pass Daily challenges and Major challenges.

Content in Free Battle Pass:-
1) Access to Free Rewards.
2) Access to Free Daily and Major Challenges.

Paid Battle Pass User:-
Paid Battle Pass a.k.a (Legendary Battle Pass/ Legendary Battle Pass Plus) can be used by players who purchase Legendary Battle Pass. When a player has purchased a Legendary Battle Pass he/she can access all the rewards, Daily and Major Challenges.

Content in Paid (Legendary/Legendary Plus) Battle Pass:-
1) Access to all Rewards.
2) Access to all Daily and Major Challenges.